I see a lady who occasionally comes to my salon that lives in a nursing home. I have seen bruises on her, how do I report this?

I operate my salon in a nursing home, and a customer who comes in every week sometimes comes in with bruises and injuries that look pretty severe.  She says that she fell, but I think she may be the victim of abuse.  What should I do?

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If you suspect that a nursing home patient is being abused in some way, you should not let the abuse go unreported.  If you believe that the nursing home staff may be committing elder abuse, you must report the abuse to stop the individuals from potentially harming other patients.  Even if the patient really did fall and cause their injuries on their own, elder abuse could still be present in the form of neglect if the nursing home staff left the patient unattended.  Even if the patient isn’t being intentionally harmed by the staff, it is important that her injuries are addressed and that her care plan is modified to reduce the incidents of injury.

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