My grandfather seems very scared at his nursing home and I know he is being abused. I think he was threatened not to tell?

Question:  My grandfather is in a nursing home and I think that he is being neglected and maybe even abused.  When I visit him, he no longer wants to come out of his room and seems scared of the nursing home staff.  What are the signs of elder abuse I should look for?

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Elder abuse can occur in many different ways and can be physical abuse or psychological abuse.  If your grandfather has visible injuries and bruises, you may suspect physical abuse.  If he has changed his personality and seems scared and hesitant to leave his room, those may be signs of psychological elder abuse.  The nursing home staff may intimidate your grandfather and make him scared to leave his room or talk to the other patients.  If he has stopped doing activities he enjoyed, he may be the victim of elder abuse by way of isolation or humiliation.  If you talk to your grandfather and you get the impression that he is being abused in any way by the nursing home staff, you must report the abuse and in certain situations, it may be a good idea to seek an alternative facility to care for your loved one.

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