My mother who stays at a nursing home has had suspicious credit ATM charges. We suspect its the workers, how do we prove it?

My 85-year old grandmother lives at a small nursing home owned and run by 2 sisters. The other day, my grandmother's bank informed us that there has been numerous withdrawals from my grandmother's account. When my parents reviewed the bank statements, there were many ATM withdrawals totaling $2,000 in one month!

When we checked my grandmother's credit card statement, there were many purchases made for items that my grandmother doesn't use. When asked about the withdrawals and purchases, my grandmother said that she doesn't remember using her ATM card or credit card for several months. We suspect that the owners of the nursing home are taking and using the cards without my grandmother's knowledge. Is this a form of nursing home abuse, or can the abuse only be physical?

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Abuse against the elderly is not only physical. It can also take the form of "financial exploitation." This includes the wrongful acquisition of money or property belonging to the elderly person.

Some of the signs of financial exploitation include:

  • Suspicious activity on a senior's bank and/or credit card accounts;
  • Unauthorized withdrawals from a senior's bank account;
  • The senior is not aware of recently completed financial transactions;
  • Suspicious signatures on the senior's checks or other documents.

You should consult a lawyer experienced with nursing home abuse. If the nursing home is illegally using your grandmother's ATM card and credit card, the attorney can advise you as to whether there are legal options available against the nursing home. He/she can also review your grandmother's financial documents to make sure that the nursing home has not committed other acts of financial exploitation.

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