Our father died somewhat unexpectedly at the nursing home he stays at. We suspect some form of negligence, how can we prove it?

Question:  My grandfather recently died while in a nursing home.  His health deteriorated quickly as soon as he entered the nursing home – my family thinks that he was neglected.  How can we hold the nursing home accountable for his death?

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In order to hold the nursing accountable for the death of your grandfather, you can bring a wrongful death action.  While wrongful death at nursing homes may seem difficult to prove because most patients at nursing homes are already ill when they enter the facility, if the family can show through clear and convincing evidence that negligent care at the nursing home led to premature death, the claim will likely be successful.  Your family can bring a wrongful death action against the nursing home facility as a whole or against individuals within the facility, depending on the facts and circumstances.  While a wrongful death action will not bring your loved one back, it may allow your family to recover damages and may help prevent other people from being harmed by the same facility in the future.

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