My mom has been sent to the hospital from her nursing home for hydration a couple times. Is she facing nursing home negligence?

Question: My mom was sent to a hospital again today due to extreme dehydration. This same nursing home has sent her there three times, for the same reason, during the past six months.  My mom is afraid to drink out of the provided containers because the plastic straws are usually filthy and rarely cleaned. I tried giving her a new plastic jug with her name on it, along with a brand new straw  --but both were promptly lost in the kitchen.

She remains very upset since one of the nurses keeps telling her that she’s a bad patient for refusing to drink more water. I actually walked in during one of the nurse’s tirades and taped it on my cell phone from the doorway. I then reported this nurse to her supervisor. What more can I do?

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Your mother not only needs you to advocate for her, she also may need you to hire a nursing home abuse attorney. There’s no excuse for verbally abusing any nursing home resident – ever. You also need to bring her safety and sanitation issues up to the nursing home’s head nurse and administrator.

In addition to selecting an attorney who has specialized in the nursing home abuse field, quickly begin looking for a safer, more suitable home for your mother. If her water needs aren’t being met, you can almost be certain her dietary and medical needs aren’t being regularly evaluated or reviewed either.

Also, give serious thought to installing a camera monitor in your mother’s new nursing home room. It sometimes takes this kind of regular oversight to keep some nursing home employees on their best behavior. It can also let you check on your mother from a remote location whenever you choose. Many nursing homes will allow you to install this type of monitor.

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