Assisted Living Abuse

Elder abuse is common in assisted living situations and in nursing home situations. The abuse includes physical, emotional, psychological or sexual abuse as well as financial or material exploitation, neglect, and abandonment. It is generally considered that resident abuse in assisted living situations is hard to detect and harder to prove. Many disabled and elderly residents are just plain too intimidated to complain about their treatment and families have had to go as far as hiring a private investigator to get a hold on evidence to substantiate nursing home or staff abuse toward their severely disabled or elderly loved one. The majority of elderly or disabled victims will not complain of physical abuse or financial abuse due to their fears of losing whatever little care they are receiving.

Abuse Symptoms in Assisted Living Facilities

Cost-cutting efforts at many facilities have led to general nursing home neglect, inadequate staffing, low-waged and minimally qualified caregivers, and high turnover; this is an environment inviting patient abuse and all resultant tragedies. The most common warning signs of resident abuse include the following:

  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Overmedication
  • Bruises, Cuts, Broken Bones
  • Bed Sores, Pressure Sores
  • Unexpected Death or Injury
  • Sudden Changes to a Will
  • Unexplained Bank Account Withdrawals
  • Loss of Personal Possessions
  • Unexplained injury
  • Use of Restraints

Elder abuse is all too common in assisted living situations and nursing homes. Nursing homes, social service personnel and nursing staff who engage in this kind of abuse are typically extremely experienced in covering the tracks their abuse and successfully gaining control over the resident and his financial resources. Psychological drugs are often used which can afford full mental control the patient’s ability intellectually function and once the patient is visibly confused and disoriented efforts will begin to have him declared legally incompetent. Once the resident is legally declared incompetent a guardian will be appointed and the family will lose all opportunities to stop the concentration camp like abuses.

Getting Help from a Nursing Home Attorney

The best step to take if you think your loved one is suffering from nursing home or assisted living situation abuse is to talk with an attorney about your suspicions as soon as possible. The average person will have a difficult time fighting back the social service system, the highly invested nursing home provider system and the medical community all alone. They are highly experienced at covering common abuse used to control a disabled or elderly resident and only an experienced attorney will be able to provide the kind of assistance needed to thwart these abusers successfully.